Quality Policy

Norscot strives to achieve excellence and below is a copy of our Quality Policy, our Qulaity Management System is certified by a third party certifier and helps us to provide the best possible products and services to our clients.
Quality Policy


  • Management Team to show leadership and commitment to establish, implement and integrate and maintain the Quality Management System which satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and is based on continuous process improvements.
  • To supply quality products and services by aiming to exceed the requirements of customers by meeting or exceeding their needs and expectations.
  • To establish strong relationships with both customers and external providers that will contribute to improving the quality of what is sold and purchased.
  • To use statistical techniques to monitor our processes and use the data collected to make informed and effective decisions on how to improve on processes.
  • To provide all employees with the relevant training, resources and support needed to supply quality products and services to all customers.
  • To set meaningful quality objectives through the framework of the Management Review which will address the risks and opportunities within the organisation as determined by Top Management.
  • To communicate the importance of the quality policy and quality objectives to all employees and making it available to relevant interested parties as appropriate.
  • To establish an environment that supports the production and delivery of high quality products and services.
  • To invest in our employees development to promote and encourage employee participation and engagement throughout the organisation
  • Norscot’s Joinery’s quality policy and current overall objectives are displayed as symbols of commitment and reminders of objectives. Each new employee receives a copy of the quality policy as part of the induction programme.  All employees are issued with a copy of the quality policy whenever there is a change or amendment to it.
  • The Quality Policy is periodically reviewed for continuing suitability at Management Review.