Norswing Reversible Timber Window


  • Made-to-measure in a choice of design and to any size* – maximising design flexibility.
  • Manufactured from selected redwood or hardwood to ISO 9000 QA standards – ensuring ultimate quality.
  • All timber sourced from properly managed sustainable sources – so as to protect the environment.
  • Redwood products are Protim double vacuum preservative treated to prolong service – 30 year guarantee. Hardwood products are naturally more durable.
  • Rounded arrises to ensure complete and equal cover of wood stain finish.
  • Wood stain or factory coatings available for ultimate choice and improved quality of finish.
  • Fully welded Deventer gasket in sash to give extra cover and improved weather sealing.
  • Fully reversible Pedder Neilson Uni hinge system with restrictor to assist cleaning / maintenance and improve safety.
  • Espagnolette locking system with 12 mm tongues to provide added security.
  • Single, lockable, handle making operation of safety restrictor and opening easier, whilst enhancing security.
  • Ventilated aluminium bottom bead to provide full drainage facility and improved double glazing unit performance.
  • Trickle ventilator with concealed insect barrier providing discreet and controllable ventilation.
  • 18 mm Glazing rebate to allow increased gap around double glazing units, improving ventilation and prolonging service of unit.
  • Factory glazed with Low-E double glazing units providing excellent U-value.
* Subject to standard industry design parameters.

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