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uPVC (short for unmodified PolyVinyl Chloride) is a cost effective, low maintenance, lightweight, strong, versatile and fully recyclable material that is adaptable to many applications. Its lightweight, low maintenance thermal properties deliver major benefits in construction.

Its properties encourage the wide use of uPVC in irrigation and roofing with benefits to users in the Third World. uPVC is also ideal for many medical applications. Whilst uPVC is widely used in short life applications (such as packaging) 90% of uPVC applications are designed for medium or long term use.

It is one of the most versatile materials to have been invented with thousands of uses that cannot be economically or practically replaced with other materials.

uPVC products are widely used in building and construction such as windows, doors and related profiles, pipes and ducting, flooring, roofing and cladding, electrical cables and wiring and building membranes. When used in building products such as window frames uPVC requires little maintenance and offers excellent insulation, resulting in significant cost savings during the lifetime of the product.

During initial production and conversion into finished products uPVC is comparatively low in energy and material consumption. The material is also difficult to ignite and will not sustain flammability when the combustion source is removed.

uPVC is 100% recyclable and may be recycled 10 times and more without significant loss of integrity and structure. Theoretically, therefore, assuming a 35-year installation life for uPVC windows which are then removed and recycled, the uPVC from which the original windows were manufactured would have a useful life of 350 years!

57% of the basic uPVC molecule is derived from salt, an element in plentiful supply with an estimated 50 quadrillion (one thousand million) tonnes of dissolved salt in the world’s seas alone, with the remainder from oil.

uPVC is inert, a quality that makes it ideal for use in medical products and environments, and the modern production process for uPVC is also environmentally friendly, an average European uPVC production plant would need to be operating for 30,000 years to produce the same amount of dioxins generated on one bonfire night.

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We hold a 100% satisfaction record with Network Veka, and are highly recommended by our customers

Excellent first class service from the word go! Taylor (sales advisor) was professional, friendly, and gave me good advice and options. The team of fitters were of the same high quality, very efficient polite, and tidy. Would recommend Norscot – A very satisfied customer.

Mrs Cassidy, Thurso
December 2020

The installers that completed my installation were top notch. They were courteous, friendly completed the job to a high standard and tidied up after them.

Mrs Reid, Thurso
October 2020

Delighted with the fantastic job, from first call with Iain, to visit to showroom, Iain the surveyor's assessment and Davy's work. Quality from start to finish, and excellent support thereafter. Davy is an artist, not a tradesman. Thank you Norscot!

Mr Fitzsimons, Tain
September 2020

Very Pleased, first class job!

Mr Angus Fraser, Thurso
August 2020