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Top-swing (reversible) windows are a mid-range option in terms of both operation and price. We make reversible windows in uPVC, timber and aluminium clad timber. Unlike many of our competitors, our uPVC windows are fully reinforced; this not only increases their strength but also their weather resistance and security features.

Top-swing windows may be single light (pane) units either fixed or openable. But, may also comprise multi-light units with a mix of fixed and openable sections – view window designs.

How it works

Top-swing windows are outward opening and fully reversible. Whilst both opening and closing the widow there is a multi-step hinge restrictor which needs to be operated. This is a safety feature which is particularly useful if there are small children in the vicinity.

The size of openable parts (sashes) is restricted to a maximum size of 1500mm wide and 1500mm high, with a semi-perimeter of 2700mm.

Being reversible, cleaning the outside of the windows from inside is very simple. Also, suitably sized windows will provide a means of escape in the case of fire.

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