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Our sash & case windows are hand-made from seasoned timber and designed for listed buildings or similar properties where only a traditional window will do.

Sash & case windows are only available in one basic configuration comprising two opening sashes, one above the other. The top sash is stepped forward of the bottom sash and slides past it. Each sash being operable independently.

The vertical slider window is fitted with traditional cords and lead weights, sash locks and sash lifts (finger rings).

How it works

One of the simplest windows to operate, you just open the sash locks and move the sashes up and down as required.

The overall size of a vertical slider window may be up to 1200mm wide and 2400mm high, with a semi-perimeter of 3600mm.

Being a traditional design cleaning the outside from inside, is possible but not as easy as a modern window design. Suitably sized windows will provide a means of escape in the case of fire.

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