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Tilt & turn windows provide the ideal means of escape in the case of fire. We only make tilt and turn windows in uPVC. But, unlike many of our competitors, they are fully reinforced; this not only increases their strength but also their weather resistance and security features.

Tilt & turn windows may be single light (pane) units either fixed or openable. But, may also comprise multi-light units with a mix of fixed and openable sections – view window designs. [Light box display]

Openable sections (sashes) are fitted with a multi-point espagnolette lock mechanism and a key operated lockable handle (available in a range of finishes).

How it works

The most complicated but flexible of window styles they are inward opening and care needs to be taken to ensure they will not interfere with curtains, blinds, etc. There are two opening modes. In the closed position the handle points downwards. Turn the handle through 90o, to the horizontal position, and it opens in at the top as if hinged at the bottom. Turn the handle through a further 90o, so that it points upwards, and it will open like a door.

The size of openable parts (sashes) is restricted to a maximum size of 1500mm wide and 2100mm high, with a semi-perimeter of 3000mm.

Being fully openable, tilt & turn windows make an ideal fire escape. Being inward opening, it is also very easy to clean the outside from inside.

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